Imperial War Museum: HMS Belfast

H.M.S. Belfast is one of only three surviving bombardment vessels from D-Day.

During her 33 days in Normandy, H.M.S. Belfast fired over 4,000 6-inch shells

 and 1,000 4-inch shells.

The guns aboard H.M.S. Belfast were so powerful that, during the D-Day bombardment, their vibrations cracked the crew's toilets.

The forward guns, of H.M.S. Belfast, had a range of 14 land miles and are currently trained, and elevated, on the M1 Gateway, Scratchwood Services, 12.5 miles from where she is now moored.

Life Buoy Ring.


Rum Ration being measured out.


Ordinance transport tube.

Firing chamber.

Target acquired.

The Admiral's Bridge.

Power plant.


HMS Belfast, from the River Thames.

HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge.

Ship's Log: D-Day.

Big guns.

Instruments on the Captain's Bridge.

Lock and Load.

Anchor chains.

HMS Belfast from Tower Bridge.

Communication array.

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