Saturday, September 07, 2013

Guinness' Trust Buildings

London The Unfinished City
In Guinness We Trust.

Saturday September 7, 2013.

It was during one of my 'let's do a left, then a right, then a left', wanders around the Unfinished City, when I came across these buildings. 

These tenement blocks were the seventh such buildings to be built by the Guinness Trust, in London.

The Shard

Reflections of clouds on The Shard
Reflections on a Shard of Glass.

Saturday September 7, 2013.

It was while on another walk around Southwark and the surrounding area, that I found myself on St Thomas Street. As I walked eastward towards The Horseshoe Inn, I looked up and realised that I was directly below The shard.

Having only really seen it from the north bank, and from afar, I couldn't help but snap this shot from this odd angle, with the clouds reflected in the thousands of glass panels.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Iron Maiden: Maiden England Tour, 2013

Highlights of Iron Maiden's Maiden England Tour, 2013, at the O2 Arena.

Saturday August 3, 2013.

Back in 1982, when I was 10, I bought my first 7-inch single; 'Run to the Hills' by Iron Maiden. Ever since I have been a huge fan, seeing them in various venues across the country.

However, it had been quite a while since I had seen them live, due to a growing family, work and the like.

Thankfully, an old work colleague, David, put on social media that he had a spare ticket to the concert and was looking for someone to go with. I jumped at the chance.

We arranged to meet in London, near Kings Cross, and make a day of it.

Considering that we hadn't seen each other in around 15 years, it was like we had never been apart. Meandering our way down to the River Thames, via a few pubs, we headed for the Thames Clipper and made our way to Greenwich Peninsula.

After a few drinks of Trooper inside the dome, we made our way in to the Arena proper.

We had deliberately missed the support act, but that was of no real concern as they were not who we, or any of the other Maiden fans, had paid to see.

Suffice to say, Iron Maiden were on top form and were absolutely amazing.

Roll on the next tour.

Up the IRONS!

Monday, May 13, 2013

'Peter the Great'

London The Unfinished City
A gift from the Russian People.
Monday May 13, 2013.

It was during one of my Greenwich walks that I stumbled across this rather odd, and creepy looking, statue of Peter the Great. 

I had started at the Thames Barrier before heading westward, to see HMS Ocean, which was moored at the Old Royal Naval College. After taking a few photos I continued on my journey towards Tower Bridge, happy that I had got the photos I had hoped for. 

But, as I turned the corner, on to Glaisher Street, I noticed this rather peculiar, odd and creepy statue. So, once again, I took some photos.