Friday, August 05, 2011

Palace of Westminster

London The Unfinished City
Palace of Palaces.

Friday August 5, 2011.

Many of the photographs of the Palace of Westminster, are taken from the south bank, usually from opposite the building, or from the eastern side of Westminster Bridge, from outside the old Greater London Council building. I was after a different angle.

So, as I began yet another wander around the Unfinished City, I took a stroll across Lambeth Bridge and glanced towards the Palace of Westminster. The sun which had burnt away many of the clouds, to reveal the blue sky, and illuminated this majestic building, perfectly. I just had to wait for the breeze to catch the Union Flag, before I could get the shot that I was after.

'Burghers of Calais' by Auguste Rodin

Freedom from Oppression.

Friday August 5, 2011.

The Unfinished City has an amazing amount of statues, memorials, sculptures and public art, both permanent and temporary, dotted around its streets and environs.

This sculpture stands in the Victoria Tower Gardens, on a spot picked by Auguste Rodin himself.

Imperial War Museum

From Bethlem to Bedlam.

Friday August 5, 2011.

The Imperial War Museum (London branch) is one of my favourite museums. I cannot count the number of times that I have visited, but it would be in the high twenties. It holds a world-leading collection of artefacts from the earliest conflicts and wars through to those from current theatres of operation. 

Following a multi-million pound restoration, which saw the majority of the building redeveloped, including the entrance atrium, space has been created to show more objects from the collection, while creating additional exhibition areas.

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