Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice

A selection of some of the 54 incidents commemorated on the walls of the 
Watts Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice.

This wooden Loggia was designed by Ernest George.

Visitors of all kinds visit the Memorial.

"In memoriam George Frederic Watts who desiring to honour heroic self-sacrifice placed these records here."

Edward Morris.

Ellen Donovan.

Soloman Galaman.

Frederick Alfred Croft.

Harry Sisley.

Joseph Andrew Ford.

Alfred Smith.

Henry James Bristow.

Joseph William Onslow.

Daniel Pemberton.

John Slade.

Arthur Strange & Mark Tomlinson.

Robert Wright.

Arthur Regelous & Alice Maud Denman.

Sarah Smith.

Amelia Kennedy.

Elizabeth Boxall.

Herbert Peter Cazaly.

Leigh Pitt.

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