Dinosaurs in the Wild, 2018

Keilyn loves dinosaurs, so, for her 5th birthday, there was only one place to go.

 A packing crate outside the Time Portal.

Chronotex: Without this company we wouldn't be able to travel back in time.

James Buck: The father of time travel.

London in the time of the dinosaurs.

A view from inside our timepod.

A Pterodactyl flies over the Montana plains.

Timebase 67 Certificate.

The values of the Chronotex company.


Creating Timebase 67 wasn't easy, or without its dangers.

CCTV from inside Timebase 67, keeping a close watch outside the Timebase..

A Tyrannosaurus Rex claw.

The eyes and brain stem of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A preserved specimen.

Getting ready for the autopsy.

The skull after being removed.

A baby Velociraptor, which the scientists named Keilyn-raptor in honour of her birthday.

A baby dinosaur being cared for inside.

A weapons arsenal, which would come in handy later on.

Another baby dinosaur.

Two Triceratops do battle outside Timebase 67.

The viewing area ,inside Timebase 67.

Two Tyrannosaurs prepare to attack Timebase 67.

Keilyn and Erin posing by a painting.

Right before the Tyrannosaurus Rex tried to crash through the glass.

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