Sunday, 22 October 2017

St. Paul's Cathedral

A Monument to Worship, for all time.

Of all the iconic buildings in and around the Unfinished City, St. Paul's Cathedral, quite possibly, stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is a building with such rich history and great architecture that it is one of the most visited buildings in the world. However, to my own dismay, it is a building that I have yet to see the interior of. Hopefully I can rectify this next year.

Clink Prison Museum

The most notorious medieval prison.

I have walked by the Clink Museum on numerous occasions, but had never ventured inside. This was something that I needed to rectify, so I took my eldest daughter along, to see what it was like.

It is a an intriguing museum that makes up for its lack of size with lots of history. Many of the torture devices can be handled and there is plethora of ancient artefacts, too.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Royal Air Force Museum

Avro Vulcan B2 - XL318.

As a child I always enjoyed my visits to the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, so I was eager to take my two girls, Erin and Keilyn, ro see what they made of it. Erin (5) was fascinated by the size of the aircraft and liked the various designs, while Keilyn (4) wanted to get in to as many cockpits as she possibly could. Her favourite aircraft were the helicopters.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Old Billingsgate

A Free and Open Market for all sorts of fish whatsoever.

I had seen this building from the south bank, and had always been fascinated by it. So, on a remarkably warm November afternoon, as I was walking along the north bank, I found myself in front of this remarkable building. One of the first things that struck me were its arches and ornate ironwork.

Millbank Prison

From Here to Australia.

It was during one of my wanders along the north bank, of the River Thames, from Battersea to Westminster, that I spotted this bollard. The inscription, read...

"Near this site stood Millbank Prison which was opened in 1816 and
 closed in 1890. This buttress stood at the head of the river steps
 from which, until 1867, prisoners sentenced to transportation
 embarked on their journey to Australia."

Intrigued, I was determined to find out more.

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