National Army Museum


Universal Carrier Mk 3, 1944

Band uniforms.

Typical kit.

A drum.

Muskets and rifles.

Machine guns.


From the India campaign.

Keeping busy.

Dingo scout car, 1942.

Erin crawling below the 'Dingo'.

Keilyn crawling below the 'Dingo'.

Sport in the military.

Dingo scout car, 1942.


Age of horse and musket.

French cavalry uniform, from Waterloo.

Napoleon's horse, Marengo, was captured at Waterloo in 1815 and died in 1831.
Napoleon's horse, sabre, hair and bust.

A lock of Napoleon's hair.

Napoleon's Shamshir and scabbard.

Wellington's Cocked hat, 1846, and cloak worn at Waterloo, 1815.

A bust of Wellington.

Napoleon Bonaparte.

Royal Engineers tunic, 1883.

Zulu Dawn.

Map of Isandlwana.

Zulu. King Cetshwayo's walking stick, a cowhide shield, an assegai, a knobkerrie and a rifle.


A fragment of the Thai-Burma railway.

A Japanese officer's cane, a knife used as a razor by a prisoner, a prison mess tin and a prisoner identity tag.

Weapons of the World Wars.

Weapons of the World Wars.

A tank for the kids.

Keilyn takes to the gun turret.

Erin takes to the gun turret.

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection suit.

Machine guns.

Mortar rockets.

Rocket launcher.

Trooper Beer.

Songs inspired by conflict.

Erin and Keilyn listening to Iron Maiden's 'The Trooper'.

The Hit Parade.

Album covers.

Remembering 'The Troubles'.

814 members of the British Army died in 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland.

A British Legion poster.


From The Great War.


Poppies to remember animals.

Keilyn on duty, with the tunic and busby on back-to-front.

Erin on duty.

The Sherwood Foresters.

Scottish attire.

A Scottish sword.

The King's German Legion was a British Army unit formed by Hanoverian refugees from Napoleonic Europe. This silver trophy was their gift to their regimental historian (1839).
The pennant is from a Nazi car (1945).

Tunic, armour and a helmet.

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