Museum of London: Docklands

Warehouse No. 1 of the West India Dock. 
A Lifeboat.
Th Isle of Dogs.
Weights and Measures.
A mummified cat and rat.

Take the helm.

Call-on Bell.

Tobacco Blades.

Destination: West Indies.

East India Company coat of arms, on a Keystone fragment, 1618.

Whale bones.


A trip to Margate, anyone?

A gibbet cage.

Britain: World leader in slave trafficking.

Campaigning for the abolition of slavery.

A sword for sea.

Whaling weapons.

Swords of the West India Dock police.

Lord, Direct Us.

Lord Mayor's barge.

A Capstan.

A church for seamen.

The S.S. Great Britain.

Fire was an ever-present danger in the warehouses.


Home to London's first Chinatown.

Port of London Authority scales.

Brewing was always a good business.

Carpenters were always in need,

Defending London during the wars.

A personal air raid shelter.

A model of some Army forts in the Thames Estuary.

Army fort information.

A boat.

Roman artefacts.

Grata's Tombstone.

A Roman cremation urn.

A Roman coffin.

The Roman Dead.

Fragments of a Roman tombstone.

A coffin with the remains of a Roman baby.

A Roman teenager, child and baby, all buried in the same grave.

Supports of the warehouse, in the basement.

Timbers supporting the ground floor.

West India Dock.

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