Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Walking with Alysha: Clink & HMS Belfast

London The Unfinished City
Alysha tries to take my head off with an axe.

Wednesday 4th August, 2010.

Today would be the day that Alysha and I would go on our annual trip to London. It is something we have done for the last few years. Sometimes we go to Museums, other times the sights and sometimes we just go and see what happens when we are there.

We were up early to make sure the cats and fish were fed and that I had had my coffee and Alysha her breakfast, then we were off.

We got to Watford Metropolitan Line Station at 09:30 and boarded our train to Baker Street. We then changed on to the Bakerloo Line and travelled a few stops to the Embankment. 

Once we reached the Embankment, we walked along Eastward along the North bank of the River Thames. Along the way I took a photograph of Alysha with one of the Sphinx, opposite the South Bank Centre. I took some shots of the 'Wellington' steam boat and various other touristy pics, too. 

We carried on along our route and crossed the Thames via the MillenniuM bridge. (Unfortunately it doesn't wobble any more.) 

Once on the South Bank we walked in to the courtyard of the Globe Theatre for a look-see. I took some pics of the flagstone slabs that are etched with many actors, playwrights and directors names. Outside of the courtyard, by the Thames, there was a street performer who was dressed-up as the invisible man. Of course I got a photo of Alysha with him. 

We then carried on along the Thames Path towards Southwark. As we walked along Clink Street, we decided that neither of us had ever been in to the Clink Prison Museum. We soon changed that!

Clink Prison Museum

London The Unfinished City
The most notorious medieval prison.

Wednesday August 4, 2010.

I have walked by the Clink Museum on numerous occasions, but had never ventured inside. This was something that I needed to rectify, so I took my eldest daughter along, to see what it was like.

It is a an intriguing museum that makes up for its lack of size with lots of history. Many of the torture devices can be handled and there is plethora of ancient artefacts, too.