Saturday, June 27, 2015

Crystal (City Hall 2022-)

London The Unfinished City
London's most sustainable building.

Saturday June 27, 2015.

My annual September walk, through the Unfinished City, saw me traverse the capital from the Royal Docks through to Whitechapel, via the Thames Path

Travelling above the River Thames, via the Emirates Air Line, gives you a great perspective on a truly unique building, named The Crystal.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Roman Bath

London The unfinished City
Roman? Tudor, more like!

Saturday June 6, 2015.

This is one of the more unusual, hidden gems of the Unfinished City, that I had been eager to see for quite a while. The National Trust, who look after the Roman Bath, state that the you can visit at any time between 09:00 and dusk, to view the Roman Bath through a grill, but viewing of the interior must be made by contacting Westminster Council.

However, having visited on a number of occasions, the door has always been locked, except one time. On that visit, the window, through which you can view the interior, was so grimy that I couldn't make anything out. There is a light, that works on a timer, to illuminate the interior, but this was out of order. Maybe next time will be better.

'City Beyond the Bridge'

London The Unfinished City
City Beyond the Bridge.
Saturday June 6, 2015.

On one of my annual late Summer walks, around the Unfinished City, I dropped down onto the River Thames foreshore and stood beneath Tower Bridge. The summer sun, partially obscured by clouds, caused some great shadows to be cast, allowing me to take this shot.

With the City of London and the Tower of London, in the background, and with waves gently lapping against the foreshore, this a great place to grab some unique shots.

'HMS Belfast'

London The Unfinished City
Gateway Services: Targeted.
Saturday June 6, 2015.

It was while walking around the 
Unfinished City, and its environs, that I managed to grab yet another image of this iconic piece of Royal Navy history. Thankfully, the sun was just right and the crowds were few, which allowed me to get this shot, with the Tower of London in the background, rather than the standard shot of H.M.S. Belfast with Tower Bridge. I have clambered under, and over, her decks on a number of occasions, but on this visit it was purely for the photograph.

'Stompie': The T-34 Tank

London The Unfinished City
Stompie's Stomping Ground.
Saturday June 6, 2015.

For this walk around the Unfinished City I began my journey at Borough Market, where I had a late breakfast, before heading down the Old Kent Road, towards Mandela Way. 

I had heard so much about 'Stompie' that I wanted to see her for myself, so that I could mark it off my 'to see in London list'. I was not disappointed. 

The land that 'Stompie' resides upon is only partially fenced, so you can get up close and personal with this piece of military history.