Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Clink Prison Museum

London The Unfinished City
The most notorious medieval prison.

Wednesday August 4, 2010.

I have walked by the Clink Museum on numerous occasions, but had never ventured inside. This was something that I needed to rectify, so I took my eldest daughter along, to see what it was like.

It is a an intriguing museum that makes up for its lack of size with lots of history. Many of the torture devices can be handled and there is plethora of ancient artefacts, too.

Brief History

In the mid 1100s, two prisons (one male, one female), were built in the grounds of Winchester Palace, coming under the 'Liberty of the Bishop of Winchester'.

Sometime in the 14th century the prison acquired the name Clink, which would become synonymous with all prisons.

The prison survived until 1780, when the Protestant Association broke into the prison, released all of the prisoners and burnt the building to the ground.

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