Saturday, October 08, 2016

Embassy of Iran

London The Unfinished City
Where They Who Dared... Won.

Saturday October 8, 2016.

On May 5, 1980, the Iranian Embassy Siege, in Princes Gate, London, was brought to an abrupt end, when the British S.A.S. stormed the building, to save the hostages. I was 8 years old. 

On that particular Bank Holiday Monday, my dad had taken me to London to see what was happening there. All that I can remember of the event was sitting in his car and wondering what was going on, while he kept getting out of the car, with his camera. He was an independent journalist, and also a keen photographer, at the time.

It is a shame that I have no photographs, or written notes, that cover that historic day. 

So, this photo is a memory of that day out, with my dad. 

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