Friday, October 28, 2016

Texan Legation

London The Unfinished City
Legation for the Republic of Texas.

Friday October 28, 2016.

It was a late October evening when, after a visit to The Prince Charles Cinema, that I decided to go in search of the long-forgotten Embassy for the Republic of Texas, or Texas Legation, that I had recently heard about. I knew where it had been situated, but, at this time of evening, I was unsure if I would be able to find the plaque. As you can see, I did.

Brief History

Above Berry Brothers & Rudd, London’s most venerable wine merchants, were rooms leased by the Republic of Texas to act as their Legation, to the Court of St James, from 1836-1845.

Texas also had Legations in Washington D.C. and Paris.

When Texas joined the Union, in 1845, the Texan delegation departed the capital leaving an outstanding rent bill of £160.

However, in 1986, 26 members of the Anglo-Texan society visited the wine shop to settle the outstanding rent bill, still owed by the Republic of Texas.

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