Friday, September 30, 2016

Policeman's Hook

London The Unfinished City
A one-of-a-kind cloak hook.

Friday September 30, 2016.

It was a beautiful Summer's day, as I strolled down Long Acre on one of my strolls around the Unfinished City. As I reached the junction I was unsure of which direction to take, so I mentally flipped a coin and decided to head along Great Newport Street

As I crossed the road I noticed this peculiar looking hook, on a wall of one of the buildings. As I had never seen anything like it I decided to take a photo, so that I could do some research when I returned home. As it turns out, this is the only Metropolitan Police Hook in London.

Brief History

The junction with Great Newport Street, St. Martin's Lane, Long Acre, Garrick Street and Cranbourn Street has always been busy, so a Policeman was nearly always on duty, to help with traffic. During the 1930s Policemen had a heavy woollen cloak, as part of their uniform, which could be unbearable to wear in the height of summer. 

London The Unfinished City
My youngest, Keilyn, with the hook in 2023.

The story goes that a protruding nail, from a construction site on Great Newport Street, was utilised as a makeshift hanger. When the building was completed the nail, obviously, had disappeared, so, missing their 'hook', the Metropolitan Police requested a new one be put-up, by the owners of the building.

I don't think that they expected to get anything more than just a plain hook, but they must have been impressed when this appeared.

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