Tuesday, September 20, 2022

State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II


London The unfinished City
Farewell, your Majesty.

Monday September 19, 2022.

I was unable, due to working and other responsibilities, to visit HM Queen Elizabeth II as she lay-in-state, so I made sure that I would be able to visit London on the day of her funeral.

With Erin and Keilyn up and ready, early, we headed off to catch a train to London. Changing from the Metropolitan line to the Jubilee line, at Finchley Road, we arrived at Green Park station at 09:30 and followed the crowds towards Hyde Park.

The stewards directed the crowds along Piccadilly and up Clarges Street to Curzon Street and up South Audley Street and onto Stanhope Gate. We then walked along Park Lane until we crossed the road and entered Hyde Park.

London The unfinished City
Giant TV screens in Hyde Park.

Not wanting to sit in front of the giant TV screens, that had been erected, we headed south towards Hyde Park Corner. This area was already full, so, turning west, I led the girls along South Carriage Drive until we were opposite the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment barracks. With few people in this area we took up position by the barriers and waited. It was 10:36.

London The unfinished City
Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment barracks.

At 10:48 the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment left the barracks and headed towards Westminster, our position providing the perfect location from which to watch.

London The Unfinished City
Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment head off to perform their duties.

Then, at 11:36, the King's Troop Royal Artillery passed us, heading to a section of sealed off park from where the gun salute would be fired.

London The unfinished City
King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery on their way to perform the gun salute.

With rucksacks full of food, snacks and drinks we had a small picnic as we waited for the procession. With toilets directly behind us and water filling stations situated quite close, everything we needed was in close proximity.

Eventually the crowds began to close in around us, just as the sun came out. And with everyone in good spirits we eagerly awaited the hearse carrying the Queen's coffin.

At 13:00 the remaining members of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment took up positions out side of the barracks, directly in front of us. While they were standing at attention a male and female soldier fainted and were taken back inside to rest.

London The unfinished City
Honour Guard.

London The unfinished City

At 13:44 the funeral procession drove past us as they headed out of the capital, on their way to Windsor Castle.

London The unfinished City
Gratias ago pro servitio.

Following the procession the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery came thundering back along South Carriage Drive, their duties over for the day.

London The unfinished City
Returning to barracks.

With the thousands of people in the crowds I decided against heading straight for a station, so the girls and I headed along South Carriage Drive to Knightsbridge. 

London The unfinished City
Erin and Keilyn ready to head for home.

Turning into Lowndes Square, where we saw some Pearly Kings and Queens, we followed the road to West Halkin Street, around Belgrave Square and onto Lower Belgrave Street until we reached Victoria underground station. 

London The unfinished City
Pearly Kings and Queens

With most of the people heading in a different direction, or staying in London to see the sights, the station was fairly empty.

Our Circle line train arrived in moments which took us to Edgware Road where we changed onto another train which took us to Baker Street. After grabbing a few snacks we boarded our train for home.

A short video that I made of the day can be viewed by following the link below.

State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

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