Friday, 1 November 2019

London Ghost Bus Tour

Necrobus London Ghost Bus Tour
The seats, curtains and lamps on the upstairs of the Necrobus.
Thursday October 31, 2019.

My wife, myself and our two daughters, who are 6 & 7, managed to grab some tickets for the 19:30 tour, on Halloween 2019, and were not disappointed. 

Our pick-up was on time and all of the staff on the street and on the Necrobus were warm, friendly and helpful. 

Our conductor, Marcus, was very knowledgeable and obviously enjoyed his role. His stories were accurate and, equally, ghastly and entertaining. I think he managed to point out every murder site, haunted place and execution spot on the route, along with names and dates. 

Mr. Hinge, the Health and Safety officer, took his job seriously, too, ensuring that there was full disclosure about 'events' that had happened on the Necrobus, in the past. Although, it did take him a while to get all of the facts out of our conductor.

We travelled around Whitehall, Westminster, the City of London, through Holborn, crossed the River Thames, visited Southwark and more, before heading back to our drop-off point. 

So much more went on, but I would hate to spoil it for anyone that hasn't taken the trip. Suffice to say that we will be taking this tour again.

A bit of trivia, about our Necrobus:

  • It had run on a designated route, in London, until 2005
  • It's designation was RML2528, with the registration plate of JJD528D
  • It was purchased by The Ghost Bus Tours in 2013
  • It is painted in a midnight black livery
Ghost Bus Tours London

As a side note, they also operate Ghost Bus Tours in York and Edinburgh.

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