Sunday, December 29, 2019

Contorted Tunnel

London The Unfinished City
The contorted and carpeted tunnel, Hay's Galleria.

Sunday December 29, 2019.

I had long heard of a pedestrian tunnel that wound its way from the basement of the Hay's Galleria to Tooley Street, but I had never had the opportunity to look for it.

This changed on Sunday afternoon when, after taking my daughters to the toilets in the Hay's Galleria, I noticed a short brick tunnel, with offices to the right.

As soon as my girls were ready we headed along the tunnel, which took a right turn. Suddenly we were looking down the contorted, carpeted pedestrian tunnel. At the opposite end were a number of shops, all closed, and a gym that was full of athletic types, working out.

To the left were some stairs, which brought us out onto Tooley Street, almost opposite the London Bridge Underground entrance.

By the looks of the carpet this tunnel is rarely used, but, from now on, this will be the way that I will avoid the crowds, when heading to Hay's Galleria. Especially if it is raining.

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