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Walking with Erin: The Wallace Collection to Carnaby Street... and beyond

The Great Gallery
The Great Gallery.

Tuesday February 20, 2024.

With half term upon us I had already planned to take a walk with Keilyn, later in the week. Erin, not one for long walks wanted a day out , too, so we decided to visit the Wallace Collection.

We caught a Metropolitan line train to Baker Street and began our day.

We headed down Chiltern Street, on to Dorset Street and then on to Manchester Street, spying Hertford House on our left, all the while I was taking photos of Coal Hole Plates, as I think they are nice pieces of history.

London The Unfinished City
A Coal Hole Plate.

As tickets are not required, unless seeing one of their temporary exhibitions, we headed through the doors into the entrance hall. Ahead of us carpeted marble stairs lead to the first floor, while rooms were to our left and right. We decided to start on the ground floor and work our way up the house.

We headed through the shop to the Housekeeper's Room, where paintings by Turner, Bonington and Canaletto. 

Fishing Boats
'Fishing Boats' by Bonington.

We then headed through to the first of four rooms dedicated to Arms and Armour. Weapons from India, Persia, Japan and Europe, among others, were displayed, along with armour from various countries.

A Knight on horseback
Arms and Armour.

Following these rooms we headed to the Smoking Room, which was filled with jewelry, porcelain and the like, before heading to the 16th Century Gallery, the Front State Room, the Back State Room, the Dining Room and then the Billiard Room.

Hertford House Smoking Room
The Smoking Room.

We then ascended the stairs and entered the Boudoir, the West Room and the three West Galleries.

Hertford House Staircase
The Staircase.

The highlight, for me, was the Great Gallery, which is an amazing and spacious room. Furniture and paintings, along with ornaments were spread around this cavernous room, while seating allowed you to sit and take in the room.

The Great Gallery
The Great Gallery.

We then made our way though to the three East Galleries and then the East Drawing Room. Each room was splendid and it felt like stepping back in time. The Small Drawing Room led us to the Large Drawing Room, the Oval Drawing Room and the Study.

Oval Drawing Room
Erin in the Oval Drawing Room.

We then moved through the Boudoir Cabinet back in to the Boudoir and out onto the Landing. After a brief break we headed down the staircase and headed out of Hertford House.

We headed down Hinde Street, on to Mandeville Place and onto Wigmore Street where we stopped for a drink and snack at Costa Coffee.

We then continued west in search of some lunch. Erin had her heart set on noodles, so we went looking for somewhere to eat. Heading sown Regent Street we used the Oxford Circus crossing and headed to Argyll Street, where we found a Wok to Walk noodle bar.

Wok to Walk
Erin waiting for her noodles.

When we had finished our meals I asked Erin what she wanted to do, to which she replied that she wanted to explore a bit more. So, knowing her passion for fashion designing, I took her to Liberty.

Erin, Fashion Designer
Erin, a future fashion designer, at Liberty London.

We walked around the various clothing floors, looking at the various designs and materials and I think Erin came away with some new ideas.

From here we headed to Carnaby Street, somewhere that I hadn't been to in a while, which was pretty deserted. 

Erin at Carnaby Street
Erin at Carnaby Street.

We then turned on to Beak Street and back on to Regent Street and headed for Ham;eys. 

Erin and I at Hamleys
Selfie time.

Erin and Paddington Bear
Erin and Paddington Bear, at Hamleys.

After looking at every floor and with Erin having her photo taken with various iconic characters, we headed out and continued north towards Baker Street.

As we approached BBC Broadcasting House, Erin decided that she needed a photo of it. Once she had taken her photo, I walked her across forecourt piaza, pointing out the various country and place names etched in the slabs. I showed her The One Show studio, before turning right to point out he statue of George Orwell. 

George Orwell statue at BBC Broadcasting House
George Orwell.

We then headed along the side of the building and along Duchess Street to Portland Place, where we turned right aiming for Baker Street station.

However, Erin spotted the BT Tower and wanted to get a nice photo of it. So, we headed along New Cavendish Street to Cleveland Street and then Maple Street. 

BT Tower
BT Tower from a different angle.

Suitably happy with the angles that she had now seen the BT Tower from we made our way up to Fitzroy Square, where George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Stephen (Virginia Woolf) and Robert Gascoyne Cecil had once lived. 

George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf blue plaque
Plaques for George Bernard Shaw and Virginia  Woolf.

Reaching Euston Road we headed for Great Portland Street, as Erin's feet were starting to ache, and took an Uxbridge train to Baker Street, where we bought more drinks and snacks, before catching a train for home.

A great and educational day out with Erin, that I can't wait to do again.

Distance travelled:
  • Car - 0.0 miles
  • Taxi - 0.8 miles
  • Train - 0.0 miles
  • Underground - 32 miles
  • Walking - 3.5 miles

For some more photographs from The Wallace Collection, click the link below.


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