Monday, February 12, 2024

'Liberty Grip' by Gary Hume

London The Unfinished City
'Liberty Grip' by Gary Hume.

Continuing my blogs about the various pieces of public art to be found along the Olympian Way, around the Greenwich Peninsula, I give you what I consider to be the strangest... 'Liberty Grip' by Gary Hume.

This intriguing piece looks peculiar from whichever angle you view it from, making it one of a great piece to enjoy.

Brief History

Made of patinated and painted bronze atop railway sleepers, this sculpture consists of three sections. Each piece is modelled on the arm of a store mannequin, resulting in the form being caught between representation and abstraction.

This monumental bronze casting contrasts starkly with the candy-pink patina at the end of each limb.

The dimensions of the sculpture are 553 x 297 x 190 cm (217 x 116 x 74 inches).

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