Thursday, April 18, 2024

'Light Tunnel'

The Light Tunnel at King's Cross
King's Cross Light Tunnel.

I had heard, and seen images, of the Light Tunnel at King's Cross station, but had yet to see it.

Considering its location, linking King's Cross with St Pancras International stations it also guides visitors towards Granary Square and the markets, restaurants and shops near Coal Drops Yard, it wasn't the easiest thing to find. 
I entered it by using the entrance from King's Boulevard, which, I think, is a better way to first experience the light installation.

Light Tunnel at King's Cross
Colour-changing LED screens.

Using the King's Boulevard entrance to the King's Cross underground station really sets the mood for what you are going to see.

The entrance, with its neon-lit escalators, leads you down to the cavernous entrance of the Light Tunnel, which stretches away at a slight curve for 90 metres (295 feet). It's sloping ceiling gives the entire subway tunnel a futuristic look and helps you focus on the ever-changing light show from the LED light panels.

Light Tunnel at King's Cross
Looking north, towards the escalators.

  • The Light Tunnel was designed by Allies & Morrison Architects, Speirs + Major, and The Light Lab.
  • The Light Tunnel is 90 metres (295 feet) in length.
  • The Light Tunnel panels are 12mm thick toughened glass, behind which are 190 controllable vertical pixels.
  • The Light Tunnel has hosted an AI festival and has been used as a catwalk
  • The Light Tunnel is open Monday-Sunday, 7am until 8pm.

Light Tunnel Video

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