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Walking with friends: Canary Wharf to Mudchute... and beyond

Morrissey Girls and Alfie
Erin, Keilyn and Alfie, ready for London.

Saturday April 6, 2024.

With Emma having gone away for the weekend, with her friend, and Gary staying with us, along with his son, Alfie, we decided to take Alfie on his first trip to London.

With lunches packed we set off for the short walk to Watford Metropolitan station, where we caught a train to Finchley Road and then a Jubilee line train to Canary Wharf. Alfie fell asleep as we left Watford and didn't wake until we reached Canary Wharf station. As the train pulled in to Finchley Road Keilyn showed off her 'Mind the Gap' t-shirt to the driver, making him chuckle. 

Leaving Canary Wharf station we took the obligatory photo of everyone in Richard Hudson's 'Tear', which everyone should do when visiting the area.

Reflected in a tear

Mudchute Park and Farm is just a short twenty minute walk from Canary Wharf station, which allowed us to take plenty of photos of the buildings, docks. boats and more.

Canary Wharf South Dock

Dog Stars

A quick stop at Asda, to get drinks, use the facilities and for Keilyn to have her photo taken with a postbox.

Keilyn with a postbox

Crossing the Asda car park brought us to the entrance to Mudchute Park and Farm, just as lunchtime approached, so we sat and had something to eat, before taking Alfie to see the animals. Donkeys, peacocks, rabbits, goats, pigs, chickens, sheep and much more were in the various fields, paddocks, pens and stables.

Erin, Keilyn, Gary and Alfie with an ack-ack gun

Alfie and a ram

Alfie, Gary and a donkey


After a good hour-or-so we headed out of the park, heading towards Island Gardens, grabbing drinks and ice cream on the way. 

Island Gardens gives a wonderful view across to the Old Royal Naval College and Cutty Sark, along with the Royal Observatory and the Queen's House. 

Old Royal Naval College

Panoramic of Greenwich

To the east of Cutty Sark a cruise liner was moored, so we set off along the Thames Path to get a better view of it, passing the Ferry House, which is the oldest public house on the Island.

The oldest pub on the Island

Silver Endeavour and Cutty Sark

After a quick Google search we discovered that the liner was actually a yacht. Not only that, but she, the 'Silver Endeavour', is the world's largest ice class expedition yacht, exploring the polar regions.

Continuing along the Thames Path we stopped at the SS Great Eastern's Launch Ramp and then moved on to the Millwall Slipway, before stopping at the Sir John McDougall Gardens, so that Erin, Keilyn and Alfie could play in the playground.

Alfie sitting on a cannon

Erin, Keilyn and Alfie about to go for a slide

With time getting on we rejoined Westferry Road, looking at the architecture and a funny sign affixed to a building, before joining Bank Street, which would take us back to Canary Wharf station and a chance to take some more photos of the buildings.

You have been warned

Canary Wharf and a DLR

A quick stop at Greggs for some snacks for the ride home and it was down to the platform. Typically the Jubilee line trains, especially at this time of day are quite busy. Today was no exception, but we managed to squeeze on. As we got closer to London Bridge, Westminster and Bond Street the train began to empty, reducing the heat within the carriage considerably.

Arriving at Baker Street station, which was busier than I had ever seen it, we made our way to Platform 1, where we grabbed a drink from Starbucks and waited for the train. When we boarded we made our way to the front of the train and waited for the driver, who allowed Erin and Keilyn to look in the cab, while explaining what and how things worked. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos of the cab, on this occasion.

Alfie fell asleep on the train, not waking until we were nearly home.

For his first trip to London Alfie did very well.

Distance travelled:
  • Car - 0.0 miles
  • Taxi - 0.0 miles
  • Train - 0.0 miles
  • Underground - 48 miles
  • Walking - 6.2 miles

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