Monday, June 10, 2024

Gnome Garden

Gnome Garden
Gnomes relaxing in the afternoon sun.

Just off Kensington High Street, in the Holland Park area, someone has turned there small front garden into a Gnome Garden.

Now, these aren't your usual full-sized Gnomes, that many people have in their own gardens, but miniature Gnomes.

Gnome Garden
Gnomes in their natural habitat.

These Gnomes are all busy doing things like having a BBQ, gardening, having a drink at the bar, sunbathing, fishing, shopping, tending to animals and playing on slides.

There are buildings that the owners have created from wood, that include homes, a bar, shop, farm and much more. These are to scale and the planting of shrubs, trees and flowers appear to be in proportion, too.

Gnome Garden
Some of the Gnomes were still going about their business, when I walked by.

It is a small plot of land, but with the miniature Gnomes it looks a lot larger and reminds me of the film Gnomeo and Juliet.

I don't know when it was created, nor why, but I am glad that is there for everyone to see. I am actually looking forward to taking another trip to see it, next summer, to see if it changes each year, or if it stays the same.

Once I had seen enough I continued on my way gnomeward. 

Gnome History

Gnomes are first spoken of in ancient Roman mythology and were thought to be good luck charms. 

In European mythology and folklore, Gnomes are closely linked to the mythology of the elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water, and were said to be the nocturnal protectors of the Earth.

Gnome Garden
Everything to scale and proportion.

Traditionally they were represented as small, hunchbacked creatures resembling gnarled old men.

Mythology also says that Gnomes live underground during the day, not in toadstools or wooden homes.

Gnome Garden
What does a one-legged Gnome do? He gnhops.

Below is a short video of the Gnome Garden.


  1. That's very charming. Didn't know the history.

  2. I need to find out more about the gnome garden and how long it has been there.