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Horsleydown Old Stairs

Horsleydown Old Stairs
Looking up Horsleydown Old Stairs, from the foreshore.

Back when the River Thames was a working river, there were countless stairs that workers could use to access the foreshore. Over time, many of these stairs were removed or access restricted. Some, like Horsleydown Old Stairs, still give access to the River Thames.

Tower Bridge from below
City Beyond the Bridge.

One of the reasons that I love using these stairs, to access the foreshore, is the unique views you can get of the historic Tower Bridge. Plus, there is a wide swathe of the foreshore to explore, where pieces of clay pipes are in abundance, along with other artefacts favoured by mudlarks.

Horsleydown Steps
Looking down Horsleydown Old Stairs to the foreshore.

The stairs can be found just to the east of Tower Bridge, on the south bank in Shad Thames, and are located next to the Anchor Brewery Building, which was restored in the 1980s.

The steps can be slippery, as they are more often than not covered by the River Thames, so it is best to take care when ascending or descending. At the bottom of the stairs are the remains of a paved surface that went out to the river's edge.

Horsleydown Old Stairs
The River Thames covering the stairs.

Horsleydown had two sets of stairs, the old stairs and the new stairs, which were further down river, near to where the River Neckinger joins the River Thames. Horsleydown new stairs have long since disappeared, leaving only the old stairs to allow access to the foreshore from street level.

As noted before, the unique views that can be seen from this spot are worth the trip, providing you time the tides correctly.

City Hall from the foreshore
Looking west along the River Thames from below Tower Bridge.

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